A Fresh Start

Photograph by jackiebabe.

Don’t you just love the new year? For me, it’s very much like a promise — the promise of starting something fresh and clean. You get to choose what you want it to be about. It’s like wiping the slate clean. In New England, it’s not uncommon for the new year to begin with snow. I remember the hush and beauty of seeing a blanket of freshly fallen snow on the ground, before anyone had stepped on it – no footprints, no mud – just a quiet, serene, and silent promise.

Do you remember what it felt like on the first day of school each year? I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved having a brand new notebook! All the pages clean, unwrinkled, unused, just waiting, inviting, enticing me to begin writing. And what about the new pencils and pens?? The pencils were sharp and the pens full of ink and ready for whatever I wanted to do with them — they, too, held the promise of new creations!

Remember when we were younger still and what having a brand, new box of crayons felt like?? OMG, that was just about the best thing in the world!!!! What would I colour and what colour would I choose to use for the “perfect” picture?!

And there it is — the curse!!! “Perfect”!!! This very word holds us to an impossible standard. We’re defeated before we’ve even begun. For me, the pursuit of perfection has plagued me my entire life and for some people the, “Shoot for the moon and you’ll always land among the stars!” is a fantastic approach to life and their pursuits, but for me (and, perhaps for you, too), the pursuit of “perfect” has paralysed me and kept me stuck when really, I have so much I want to put out in the world. Soooo…

I have declared this year to be a fresh start!!! I will start: I will take one step at a time toward being my “Perfectly Imperfect Self” because, after all, that’s what we’re really all called to be in this world: perfectly imperfect. I declare that I am “perfect” in my “imperfection” and invite you, too, to connect with and love your perfect imperfection. The way I see it, our “imperfections” are the spaces in our Selves where others can enter. They are the places where connections can take place and we can best love our Self, as well as others. In the spaces of our “imperfections”, we find healthy compassion for our Self and for others.

Hallelujah, I’m perfectly imperfect!!! Let the celebration begin!!!!

2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Fantastic! Thought of trying to br perfect causes paralysis! Always wanted to be ‘excellent’ at something…anything would do. And the sense of failing by only bring good enough at several things, and average at others. But you are right….being perfect isn’t the way. 😘


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